RSS feeds
October 13, 2011

Devoted Readers:

It has been brought to my attention (thanks, Jared!) that the apparently peculiar arrangement of “pages” on this site for different types of subject matter has broken the utility of the main RSS feed, which is based on the “tales” page, and which hasn’t been updated since Sept 23. New entries in the “Program Project” or “the suffering” journals are not being reliably syndicated as a result.

In the future I’ll drop an excerpt onto the Tales page with a link to new entries on the other pages.

I’ve also added a couple of RSS entries onto the Stuff dropdowns. One is a standard Squarespace page that contains RSS feeds to all three journals. The other, “RSS mashup”, uses rssmix to combine all three into a single feed. 

Never send a 54 year old to do a 24 year old’s job. I’ll get the hang of this intertube stuff someday.

Your pal,


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